My Teaching Philosophy

  • Allowing children to explore their own ideas encourages them to look at possibilities, to test them and discover what works.                                                 
  • Giving them our answers limits the learning that can be achieved through seeking answers on their own.                                                                                     
  • Art education should provide inspiration and demonstrate possibility, not give answers, but ask more questions.  
  • I believe that it is important for children to explore their own ideas.
  • Process art builds creative and confident thinkers, ready to take on an evolving future. 
  • Watching our children struggle can be difficult but seeing the fulfillment obtained from personal discovery is wonderful.                                                        
  • We can be co-learners in art with our children.


What is Process Art?  

There is never one approach to an art project.  In process art, materials and tools are provided and multiple possibilities on how they can be used are demonstrated.  Project ideas are given but artists are encouraged to experiment and discover. Support is provided as artists explore their own individual approach. 

What Can Children Learn Through Process Art?

Process based art helps to develop higher level thinking skills critical for 21st century thinkers: problem solving, imagination, innovation, creativity, curiosity, and the ability to question. Children also have the opportunity to use their fine motor and observation skills.  Process based art also helps in building confidence.  Allowing children to make their own decisions and discoveries gives them value.


What is Product Based Art? (You Will Not Find This At Creation Space)

Children are set up to complete a project envisioned by an adult, using particular materials and following a set of precise steps.  An example would be making a pig by painting a can pink, adding a cork nose, google eyes, triangular felt ears, and a curly pipe cleaner tail, with each product looking relatively the same.

What Does a Child Learn Through Product Based Art?

They have the opportunity to use their fine motor skills and practice following instructions.