Field Trips

Creation Space field trips support 21st century learning skills, engaging students through inquiry and discovery based learning.                                 

 Availability for field trips is limited

2019/2020 Field Trip Bookings are available                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Mondays & Fridays

Cost- $20 per student with a minimum or 12 and a maximum of 30 students

-parent helpers are welcome free of charge                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                



Art Play

ages 16 months-7 years

1.5 hours                                                                              

A child lead art and sensory exploration program with 8 creative & sensory invitations. Children will have he opportunity to explore sculpture, painting, fine motor, and sensory stations. This programs also incorporated a story followed by an art activity, connecting creativity and literature. 



ages 3-10

1.5 hours

-Children create their own scents using flowers, spices and more.  

-introduction to smell and experimentation

-discovery colour mixing

-children take hope their named, bottled and labeled custom sents



FullSizeRender (71).jpg

Mix and Stitch

ages 4 and 10                                                                  

-children have the opportunity to explore and discover colour mixing, mixing their own custom colours

-child children discover colour mixing again as they paint their own tapestries

-children are introduced to basic sewing skills and have the opportunity to utilize their fine motor skills, in both sewing and threading beads. 

-each student takes home an art work



Animal Bodies

ages 4 -10

-introduces children to sculpture- creating art with form and dimension

- introduction to the body skeleton, muscles & skin 

-each child will create a plaster bandage sculpture of an animal to take home.