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  • Registered Classes

    • held on a weekly basis
    • artist have the opportunity to the  build on ideas and complete larger on going projects
    • attend with the same group of artist for the duration of the class   
  • Drop In 

    • although held on a regular basis these classes are attended on a per-class basis.  
    • are an instructed class
    • artists work towards completing 1 project based on a concept,  artistic method or technique that is introduced during the class. 
    • if your child is unsure if they would enjoy a registered class this is a great way to test us out
    • if you have an appointment in Drop-in classes provide a creative opportunity for your child
  • Open Studio Classes & Art Play

    • Un-instructed, with gentle guidance
    • free creative exploration
    • extremely process orientated
  • Work Shops

    • are a one time event that can last any were from a few our to an entire weekend
    • Work shops usually focus on a single project, or concept
    • Some times our work shops include snacks  and guest instructors! 


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Workshops are unique art experiences that last one to three days and focus on one skill. The age range and time are broad and various. If you or your child isn't sure what they enjoy, this is a great way to test the water(colour)s. example icon